Place of Worship

Directions to the service: 1) Look for the Ridge sign 2) open the front doors 3) welcome to God's house 4) worship and praise Him!!!

Building a Foundation

This is one of our missions teams, who got the opportunity to build a church in Macedonia. This is a picture of them standing in front of the new church they helped start.

Impacting the Community

We hope to reach more than just our congregation. We pray that our missions will extend to our community and all over the world.

Indian Reserve

Here is one of our teams doing work on an Indian reservation in South Dakota. They got to work with the people there and teach them that they are beautifully and wonderfully made.

Children’s Camp

Jesus loves all his children and so do we! Every year we send our youth to camp, where they get to study the Bible and start to understand what God means to them. The slide is just another perk.

Missions in Macedonia

A picture of part of our Macedonia Missions Team taking a tourism break in Matka Macedonia.  The view was worth the jetlag.

Ridge Day

Here is a snapshot from one of our favorite days of the year, Ridge Day!! Missions isn't only about working in the trenches across the world, it also means connecting with your local community.

Workout with God

Working out is a lot easier when you have God by your side! (Also when you have 25 accountability partners to keep you in check) We love how motivated our teams are!!

Fun for All

We try to make church fun for the whole family. There's nothing better than seeing smiles on the faces of God's children.

Friends Who Are Family

We are all brother and sisters in the Lord. When you come to Ridge, you will find lots of love to go around. Everyone deserves the love of God!

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