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As we continue to try and do our part during the COVID-19 outbreak, we will transition from recorded online Worship resources to Live Stream worship on May 24 and 31 at 10:30am. You can join us from the Ridge Baptist Church Facebook page. On June 7, 2020 our current plan is to transition once again to in-person Worship at 10:30am. We will ask that worshipers plan on wearing face masks and observing other safety guidelines when you join us for Worship in June.

Resources for online worship

Ridge Around The World


We hope to reach more than just our congregation. We pray that out missions will extend to our community and all over the world.

Sunday Services



9:15 AM – Small Group Bible Study

10:30 AM – Worship in the Sanctuary

Wednesday Services



10:00 AM – Small Group Bible Study

5:15 PM – Dinner

6:00 PM – Bible Study in the CLC

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